Software Valuation & Digital Appraisal

Computer, Software, Film, Creative Media & Information Technology Equipment Appraisal

The appraisal of a company software libraries as well as an internet platform require an uncommon kind of expertise that Pro Equipment Appraisal offers. Not only does it require a technical expertise in cost and market approaches related to digital assets, but often the income approach is required as well. Few equipment appraisers and training and experience in income analysis, and few business appraisers are truly qualified equipment appraisers. Pro Equipment Apprasial is both - as an accredited business valuation appraiser and machinery & equipment appraiser.

Software & Internet Platforms

  • Enterprise Software Platforms
  • Internet Business Hardware
  • Company Software Inventories
  • Servers & Digital Equipment

Film, Television & Creative Media

  • Digital Audio/Visual
  • Film & Television Production
  • Post Production
  • Theater, Projection & Display

Digital Research & Technology

  • University Laboratory
  • Information Technology
  • Electrical Engineering Research
  • Digital Research Equipment

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